“The Story”

In March 2020, I had been paying careful attention to the daily reports on the number of people testing positive for COVID-19 coming from the World Health Organization. At the time, they were reporting: the number of confirmed cases inside China, and the number of confirmed cases outside China. On March 6, when there were approximately 20,000 confirmed cases outside China, I first published this chart on the Blue Shift website:

On March 6, per the chart, I predicted the figure for confirmed cases outside China to reach 1,000,000 by “April Fools Day”, or April 1. The WHO reported 1,000,000 cases on April 2.

The day I published the chart, I dedicated myself to be part of the solution to this massive problem, to help people. I am solutions oriented, perhaps to a fault; any solution here can truly make a difference, could even save lives. Blue Shift is in, 100%.

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