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UV Light for Fitness Studios

UV Light at Fitness Studios

Keeping health clubs, gyms and fitness facilities clean and infection-free is mission critical to providing spaces where clients feel comfortable and safe, and the facility can run uninterrupted and profitably. Close quarters, shared equipment, high-humidity areas, with clients, trainers and staff moving in and out of each area makes controlling fast-spreading pathogens, bacteria, molds and fungi extraordinarily difficult. Manual cleaning, no matter how often, is not nearly enough to bring each area down to clinical-level disinfection when it’s needed most. As health and fitness environments cope with COVID-19 and other future infections, disinfecting all areas from germs and disease is a critical part of keeping the facility up and running.

Discover the best solution for deep, clinical-level disinfection for all areas of your fitness facilities, from locker rooms and bathrooms, to workout and group exercise rooms, to physical therapy areas, training facilities and even restaurant and café areas.

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