The Power of UV Disinfection in Hotels and Hotel Facilities

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UV Light at Hospitality

Hotel guests have an expectation that their room will be clean upon arrival. They have scoured online reviews or taken recommendations based on the belief that their room will be clean and free from germs.

However, studies have repeatedly demonstrated that the bacteria levels in hotels are often higher than those found at home, on airplanes or in schools.

As the world reopens, UV Light's pathogen control technology is playing a critical role in building consumer confidence and employee satisfaction by creating safer and healthier environments.

The Power of UV Light

Ultraviolet light has an extensive history of effectively killing microbes in the air and on surfaces, which has been proven to reduce the infection rates of MRSA, C. diff, VRE, coronaviruses, and other harmful pathogens. As a result of the miniaturization of this technology, it is now possible to deploy UV disinfectant technology in dramatically more settings than ever before, thereby creating cost-effective deployments to fight off harmful germs, particularly when used in combination with existing cleaning protocols.

Given the value that customers place on cleanliness, ultraviolet light should become a key component of cleaning protocols for hotels to implement better disinfection and potentially drive higher guest satisfaction, increased premiums, and occupancy rates.

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