Helo F1 Full-Spectrum Xenon Excimer Disinfection Fixture


The first known high intensity, full spectrum UV disinfection fixture to be installed in the ceiling. With proper layout, Helo fixtures, powered by Violet Defense® technology, give you whole room protection no matter the size of the space, and the ability to disinfect on demand in one cycle.

PURO Lighting’s high-intensity, full-spectrum UV disinfection fixtures kills up to 99.9% of SARS-CoV-2, C. auris, Norovirus, C. diff, and “Superbugs” including MRSA and E. coli.

It can also significantly reduce the growth of fungi such as yeasts and molds. All in remarkably small, yet powerful units designed for any sized space.

Our technology partner Violet Defense®, created the patented, breakthrough technology behind PURO Lighting UV disinfection systems.

Combining a highly transmissive polymer lens with a compact light engine allows our UV light units to be one of the smallest, most powerful disinfection products for any commercial application.

Add automatic onboard scheduling, and you’ve got flexibility, affordability and up to 99.9% disinfection on demand.

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