Helo F2 Full-Spectrum Dual Xenon Excimer Disinfection Fixture


The Helo F2 disinfects a whole room, delivering disinfection from above. It is installed simply by positioning it in a drop-in grid ceiling or can be recessed in a hard lid ceiling, suspended or wall mounted. It emits broad spectrum UV light to eliminate up to 99.9% of the bacteria, viruses, and fungi in a space1. In rooms that have been cleaned of mold, the unit will help control return growth if used routinely2. The unit can be ordered for scheduled commissioning or integration into the facility Building Automation System (BAS). Scheduled commissioning is completed by a PURO Lighting representative. Units integrated into BACnet are programmed through the BAS dashboard.

Broad Spectrum UV-C, UV-B and UV-A light to kill bacteria and viruses1. Ceiling, suspended, or wall mounted installation to disinfect a room without staff assistance. Programmed manually or integrated into building automation systems through BACnet. Dual UV Light Engine with pulsed Xenon lamp for up to a 12' x 12' ft coverage area.


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