Whisper UV Air Fan


Professional Compact UV-C Air Purifier w/ TiOx Filter Catalyzer

Designed to provide continuous high quality UV air decontamination in
any kind of environment, Whisper main features are:
• 60W high output lamp, selective emission peak at 253.7nm
• Elimination of viruses, bacteria and any other pathogen certified
by university tests
• High quality stainless steel external body
• Germicidal chamber with high reflectivity
• Special honeycomb TiOx filter with titanum dioxide nano-particles and
silver salts photoactivated to avoid NOCs and VOCs and increase Indoor
Air Quality with each air exchange
• 24 hours continuous operation time, in presence and absence of people
• High efficiency electronic ballasts
• 1,765 - 2,100 f3/h air flow disinfection
• Silent ventilator (32 db)
• Horizontal or vertical application on wall
• Super compact sizes, it fits everywhere

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